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Frequently Asked Questions

The TuffBase was designed to be hand-moved and set into place by a two-man team, so each piece weighs between 50 and 125 lbs.

In addition to selling direct, we have over 25 Authorized Dealers across North America. Check out our dealer page for more information.

Yes. It is designed to elevate the tank, promoting greater movement of air, thus eliminating the electrolyte from the corrosion cell.

Crew leaders demand the TuffBase once they experience the user-friendly features such as center guide holes, grab handles and durability of the product.

10’, 12’, 15.5’ and 21.5’ TuffBases for Flat Bottom Tanks. These sizes are the most common API 12F tanks. We offer standard- and heavy-duty TuffBases depending on the height of the tank and the application.

The 12’ TuffRing was developed and launched in 2023 for vertical surge vessels that have skirted bottoms.

Yes. We hired an independent stress analysis and performed rigorous studies on the impact of the tank fluid weight over an extended period. We then utilized safety favors to determine the TuffBase’s characteristics.

Less than 1 minute majority of the time. Can easily be handled by 2 guys.

Forkliftable stacks will arrive on a flatbed trailer. Depending on the TuffBase size, we can handle anywhere from 12 to 42 TuffBases per load. Contact our logistics coordinator to figure up your load.

TuffBase are 5” tall and all have an extra 3” on the diameter. For example, a 12’ Tank is 144” so the TuffBase would be 147”.

TuffBase has a two-year warranty.

Murray Equipment Bases was established in 2015 and immediately began selling TuffBases to many of the customers we still sell to today.

TuffBase has been used across every play in North America with success. Typically, liquids begin a cooling process once entering a storage tank and we have not found the heat to be high enough to matter. If you have sustained temperatures at the bottom of the tank more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit give us a call to talk about your specific application.

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